viernes, 25 de septiembre de 2009

Entombed - Clandestine

1.Living Dead
2.Sinners Bleed
4.Blessed Be
5.Stranger Aeons
6.Chaos Breed
8.Severe Burns
9.Through the Collonades
10. Dusk (Bonus)
11. Shreds of Flesh (Bonus)
Genero:Old School Sweden Death Metal

viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2009

Crematory(Swe) - Denial(Best Of Compilation)

1.Into Celephais
2.Chunks of Flesh
4.Unconsecrated Ground
5.The Exordium
6.Chunks of Flesh
7.Unevasive Possession
8.Requiem of the Dead
9.Beneath the Crypts...
10.Unconsecrated Ground
11.Wrath From the Unknown
13.Enshrouded (in the River of Eternity)
14.Netherworlds of the Mind
15.Souls Astray
16.Dwellers in Twilight
17.Mortal Torment

1-4: Denial EP (1992)5-8: The Exordium demo (1990)9-12: Wrath From the Unknown demo (1991)13-16: Netherworlds of the Mind demo (1992)17: Promo 1989 (bonus track)
Genero:Old School Swedish Death Metal
País: Suecia
Bandas Similares:Grave,Grotesque,General Surgery

jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2009

Sentenced - Shadows Of The Past

1. When the Moment of Death Arrives
2. Rot to Dead
3. Disengagement
4. Rotting Ways to Misery
5. The Truth
6. Suffocated Beginning of Life
7. Beyond the Distant Valleys
8. Under the Suffer
9. Descending Curtain of Death
10. Wings
11. In Memoriam
12. Mythic Silence
Genero:Old School Death Metal 1989-1991
País: Finlandia
Bandas Similares:Asphyx,Demigod,Adramelech

Darkthrone - Soulside Journey

1. Cromlech
2. Sunrise Over Locus Mortis
3. Soulside Journey
4. Accumulation of Generalization
5. Neptune Towers
6. Sempiternal Sepulchrality
7. Grave with a View
8. Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadocia
9. Nor the Silent Whispers
10. The Watchtower
11. Eon 03:39
Genero:Old School Death Metal 1987-1990
País: Noruega

martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009

Bloodbath - Resurrection Through Carnage

1.Ways to the Grave
2.So You Die
3.Mass Strangulation
4.Death Delirium
5.Buried by the Dead
6.The Soulcollector
7.Bathe in Blood
8.Trail of Insects
9.Like Fire
10.Cry My Name
Genero:Swedish Death Metal
País: Suecia
Bandas Similares:Carnage,Dismember,Entombed

lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2009

Autopsy - Severed Survival

1.Charred Remains
2.Service for a Vacant Coffin
4.Gasping for Air
5.Ridden With Disease
6.Pagan Saviour
7.Impending Dread
8.Severed Survival
9.Critical Madness
11. Stillborn
Genero:Old School Death Metal
País:Estados Unidos

sábado, 12 de septiembre de 2009

Repugnant - Epitome of Darkness

1.Hungry Are the Damned
2.Premature Burial
3.Voices of the Dead
4.Draped in Cerecloth
5.Spawn of Pure Malevolence
6.From Beyond the Grave
7.Sacred Blasphemy
8.Eating from a Coffin
9.Another Vision (Morbid cover)
10.Mutilated Remains
País: Suecia
Bandas Similares:Necrovation,Merciless,Entombed

martes, 8 de septiembre de 2009

Demigod - Slumber of Sullen Eyes

1.Apocryphal (Intro)
2.As I Behold I Despise
3.Dead Soul
4.The Forlorn
5.Tears of God
6.Slumber of Sullen Eyes
7.Embrace the Darkness/Blood of the Perished
8.Fear Obscures From Within
9.Transmigration Beyond Eternities
10.Towards the Shrouded Infinity
11.Perpetual Ascent
Genero:Old School Death Metal
País: Finlandia
Bandas Similares:Adramelech,Demilich,Convulse

Centinex - Reborn Through Flames

1.Embraced By Moonlight
3.Summon The Golden Twilight
4.The Beauty Of Malice
5.Under The Guillotine (Kreator cover)
6.Through Celestial Glass
8.In The Arch Of Serenity
9.Shadowland [bonus on Jap-version]
10.Eternal Lies [bonus on Jap-version]
Género:Swedish Death Metal
País: Suecia
Bandas Similares:Necrophobic,Demonical,Chaosbreed

sábado, 5 de septiembre de 2009

Nihilist - Nihilist(The Demos)

Tracks 1-3: 'Premature Autopsy' Demo '88
Tracks 4-6: 'Only Shreds Remain' Demo '88
Tracks 7-8: 'Drowned' Demo '89
Track 9: 'The Head Not Found' Session '89
Tracks 10-11: 'The Drowned' Session '89
Tracks 12-14: Entombed's 'But Life Goes On' Demo '89
1.Sentenced to Death
2.Supposed to Rot
3.Carnal Leftovers
4.Abnormally Deceased
5.Revel in Flesh
6.Face of Evil
7.Severe Burns
8.When Life Has Ceased
9.Morbid Devourment
10.Radiation Sickness (Repulsion Cover)
11.Face of Evil
12.But Life Goes On
13.Shreds of Flesh
14.The Truth Beyond
Genero:Old School Swedish Death Metal

miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2009

Funebrarum - Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods

1.Tombs of Sleeping Darkness
2.Adoration of Abscessed Cadavers
3.Miasma of Pestilence
4.Dormant Hallucination
5.Depths of Misery
Genero:Old School Death Metal
País: Estados Unidos
Bandas Similares:Abhorrence,Grave,Convulse